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Private Charters - Hourly Rates

The vessel "Glory Days" located in Sausalito is charted for private charters on an hourly basis. Different rates apply depending on the number of passenger in the group. We are based in Sausalito but can pick up passengers in San Francisco, Berkeley

Groups 1 to 6 - $400/hour

Groups 7 to 14

Weekdays - Monday through Thursday $425/hour

Weekends - Friday, Saturday and Sunday $450/hour

Groups 15 or more guests (We are legal to 42 and comfortable to 30.  We charge $25/person if you have more than 30 people and we do not take more more than 35 MAX)

Weekdays - Monday through Thursday $450/hour

Weekends - Friday, Saturday and Sundays $500/hour

We have a two hour minimum out of Saualito and three hours out of other locations SF and Berkeley.

Pick-up and drop-off locations other than our home port of Sausalito

$150 docking fees paid to the ports. Plus a fee to bring the boat back and forth across the bay $250

Wedding fee - For the captain to preform the wedding ceremony $150

Angel Island Fees - $50 docking fee for groups of 8 people or less and $100 for more than 8 people plus $3/person and $250 to reserve a  group picnic area.

Clean-up fees may apply depending on the size of group for any self-catered events.

We can provide food and beverages by catering services. All food and beverages are per/person and 19% service charge and 8.75%% sales tax is added.

Tipping our crew

Some companies ask for a manditory tip for crew.  We leave that up to you.  We appreciate your tipping the crew but it is never required. Our crew works hard to ensure that you are comfortable during your sail and appreciates tips for excellent service.  The average tip is 15% to 20% of the total charter for private events and $2 to $20 on ticketed cruises.  The wind and waves can tip the boat but only you can tip the crew!

Mailing Address:
1001 Bridgeway #154
Sausalito, CA. 94965
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