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Private Charters - Corporate Events

Come and Sail San Francisco Bay for a corporate event, business meeting or team building. Bay Breeze Charters specializes in client entertaining, off-site business meetings, employee team building events, corporate convention activities and sailing regattas. We can design our program to meet the specific needs and goals of your group. Here are a few suggestions:

Team building

Learn to sail on San Francisco Bay and acquire new skills with a team building event. Companies strive to reinforce team-work and camaraderie among their personnel. Sailing provides the perfect atmosphere to develop leadership, decision making and communication skills while building employees into a cohesive, cooperative team in a relaxed atmosphere. We'll instill self-confidence, expand the mind and work the body as you learn to sail the boat, develop navigation skills, read the wind and discover the fun of sailing and working as part of a team.

Sailing Regattas

Let Bay Breeze Charters organize a fun-filled, exciting sailing regatta for your large group. This program divides participants into groups of six to learn the basics of sailing and teamwork with a captain/facilitator on separate yachts (30 to 40 foot). Each team boat leaves the starting line and competes with each other as they sail the regatta race course. As with our team building event each individual will develop leadership skills, explore group dynamics and learn to work together in strategic and tactical planning. Sailing regattas can be organized as a half-day or full day event with a Barbecue on Angel Island after the sail on the Bay. Get a quote today and book for the 2019 sailing season.

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